Introducing Gallifrey Geek’s World -Getting My First Blog Started (Again)

Okay, so truth be told, this is actually not my first blog, well actually that’s not true either, this is my first blog. Confused? Apparently so am I. So how should I begin this, at the beginning I suppose. Once upon a time, there was a fair maiden who wanted to share her innermost thoughts with the world…

Really? I think that’s what Twitter is for now, right?

In reality, I started my first WordPress blog back in 2010, it was called “chickwitbrains” and I can’t recall if I ever even posted more than an about me section. My recollection of blogs back then is that they were just on the cusps of becoming the technological machine of choice to connect with the world around us. Needless to say, amidst the distractions of life, my tiny little blog was abandoned.

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