Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff – Episode 23

Warm winter wishes! We are home from our Northern Winter Holiday to visit family & friends. Unfortunately, we ended the week a day early because I came down ill. Nothing serious, I hope, just an allergy induced sinus irritation. Despite that, it was a lovely visit with both sides of our families. Now that our travels are over, it should be a quiet and relaxing Christmas season.

What I’m Stitching

For our travels, I took my mini project pouch with me, equipped with two mini WIPs and a new kit. While I was only able to work on one piece, I was able to finish my Busy Bee Mouse from NeedleMagic. Here are some progress pics:

This makes five out of six of my Busy Bee collection that have been completed. The last one is the Zebra, which I just put in my mini project pouch. Once they are all done I intend to finish them as a wall hanging, similar to a lap quilt. Here is a look at the collection so far:

Now that I am back home, I will be returning to work on my Happily Ever After project. I was able to get a start on the Ugly Duckling motif before leaving last weekend. My hope is still that I will finish this piece before the end of the year. Here is my starting point:

Also, I am very excited to join the 2018 Stitch Along from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery: Into the Jungle. I loved stitching the Happily Ever After pattern so much, I just had to sign up for another round, and the jungle theme speaks to my love of animals as well.  I sure hope there is an elephant and/or monkey to stitch!

What I’m Reading

I am still sans reading time at the moment. Sadly, I have fallen behind on my reading, but I have decided to take definitive steps towards resolving that situation. This coming week I’ve made dedicated reading time one of my daily goals, so perhaps I can get a few more books finished before the new year.

What I’m Watching

Last weekend, as I was packing for our trip, I finally watched the third season of Broadchurch on Netflix. Broadchurch is a British crime drama, that follows the investigation of a single case over the course of eight episodes. In fact, the first season of Broadchurch was remade in America as the mini series Gracepoint I watched both, Broadchurch is better. Additionally, one of the lead detectives, is played by David Tennant, none other than the Tenth Doctor himself. While I prefer Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor, David Tennant is by far one of my favorite actors and I tend to watch just about anything he is involved with, especially Broadchurch which is just a fabulously written crime drama. Unfortunately, I have read online that the show will not return for a fourth season, I truly hope that is not the case.

Weekly Highlights

Naturally the highlight from this week is seeing our families. Here are the Project Life pages I made for our visit, which I made on the car ride home using the Project Life app on my phone. ( Some faces are hidden for privacy.)


That’s all for now I hope you have a great week and thanks for taking the time to read my post.





Basic Introduction to Doctor Who Caution: This Post is not for Whovians

Today is Saturday and Saturday for me usually means Doctor Who. For two reasons: one, typically I do my big weekly chores on Saturday, and when I do I play Doctor Who in the background and two, when it’s in season, Saturday means I get a new episode!

The past couple of weekends, however, have been filled with other activities including the dentist, traveling up north to visit family, and even a Saturday where I ended up working. While all those activities are important in their own right, it has left me without my weekly dose of the Doctor, as well as falling behind on the current season. Today, though, there is only one thing on the schedule, which means I should be able to get some much-needed housework done and can carve out some time to get caught up on the current season. Continue reading

Sunday Stitches & Stuff – Spring Quilt, Grime Gaurds, & Doctor Who Countdown

As I shared on Wednesday, it had been a bit since I posted anything, but thankfully I am much better and back to my regularly scheduled program, including a Sunday Stitches & Stuff post! Originally, I thought maybe I would do a three week update, but that would be a long post, so I am just gonna pick things up with this past week and move forward from there. Additionally, I am experimenting with a new format for the Sunday Stitches post, so I am going to give that a try this week. So with no further ado let’s take a look at my week. Continue reading

My Timelord Name: The Optimist


From the Time Lord Name Generator, my Time Lord name is The Optimist. Here’s my back story:

“Your original Gallifreyan name is Salgothbygoyongantecheg, or Salgoth for short. Back on Gallifrey, you led a dull and uninteresting life, working as a Temporal Theorist, Patrexe Academy – but now, you travel Time and Space in search of adventure!

Your Type 72 TARDIS is currently stuck in disguise as a post-box, and your latest travelling companion is a 1950s daredevil test pilot, who has never seen a dangerous situation she couldn’t cope with.”

This actually sounds like a spinoff show I would watch. Although I imagine my regenerations would look less humanoid and my gender would be very ambiguous.

Get your own time lord name from the time lord name generator!

Bow ties are cool!

River Song’s Last Night With The Doctor

Christmas is wonderful for so many reasons, one of them being the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Now, my heart will always belong to Matt Smith, when it comes to Doctor Who. To paraphrase his last words: I will always remember when the Doctor was him. However, last year’s Christmas Special, was one of my favorites and this scene is one of my favorite scenes between the Doctor and River Song.

Happy Christmas Eve!