Alice In Wonderland: A Childhood Reverie

Much like returning to your childhood home, rereading a childhood favorite can be bittersweet. As a kid I loved the story of Alice In Wonderland, it held a mesmerizing kinda magic. Having just finished reading it as an adult, I still see the magic, but I also see the absurdity.

Lewis Carroll was, I believe, attempting to portray the wonder and power of a child’s imagination through the fantastical imagery that is Alice’s dream. In Alice’s older sister, we see the desire to hold on to one’s reverie skills despite age and reality progressively stealing them.

While I like to believe that I still have a strong and healthy imagination, many of the scenes Alice faces during her journey through Wonderland were so preposterous, that it soured my enjoyment. Perhaps I am not as imaginative as I had once been, or maybe my memory of this childhood story was filtered by the many cinematic tellings of the story.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed spending time with Alice once again, even if I did see her more as a precocious child than a kindred spirit this time around.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review; if you like you can follow my reading activity on Goodreads.

Featured image created with help from Freepik.

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