WIP Thursday? – Episode 29

Hello fellow stitchers. This weekly update on my cross stitching is being brought to you one day late, thanks to an awesome migraine that came to visit me on Monday night and stayed until early this morning. Seriously, Monday evening was the start of the worst migraine I’ve had in a long time and pretty much kept me from doing anything other than sitting quietly in a dark room for two days. So that also means that there was not a lot of stitching getting done. However, I did manage to finish the August motif from Year of Celebrations and get a start on September. Here are a few progress pictures from before the migraine hit:

Thankfully, I am feeling much better this morning and hope to finish up September this evening so I can get started on the February block of the Into The Jungle SAL, which should hit my inbox at 3pm today.

Also, this year I think I want to start a monthly Project Life page showing my cross stitching work from that month. Here is a look at my page for January:

Thanks for checking in & happy stitching!



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