WIP Wednesday – Attack of the Frog 

This week I needed to spend time finishing up some continuing education courses in order to renew my license, so it only gave me a small window for stitching so far. Luckily, I finished all that today and will have more time the rest of this week to devote to stitching, which is a good thing because this week I have been attacked by the frog!

For anybody that doesn’t know the frog, or frogging, refers to the need to rip out stitches that have already been completed due to an error or desire to change how the piece is looking. It comes from the sound that frogs make as in: rip it, rip it.

Both of the pieces that I have been working on since this weekend have had entire sections frogged. The two pieces are the Princess Careiage from Mill Hill and May in the Year Of Celebrations series.

For the Princess Carriage, I got some advice and input from some very helpful ladies in my Facebook groups that led me to believe that I had started off the piece incorrectly resulting in the floss not having good coverage. So I ripped out almost everything, and started over.

Here’s what it looks like now:

In the Year of Celebration series, month of May, I had to restart a couple of butterflies to correct a few floss tangles in the back. Now I’m about to frog an entire section because of a knot on the back that I missed.

Hope your stitching this week is frog less! 





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