Basic Introduction to Doctor Who Caution: This Post is not for Whovians

Today is Saturday and Saturday for me usually means Doctor Who. For two reasons: one, typically I do my big weekly chores on Saturday, and when I do I play Doctor Who in the background and two, when it’s in season, Saturday means I get a new episode!

The past couple of weekends, however, have been filled with other activities including the dentist, traveling up north to visit family, and even a Saturday where I ended up working. While all those activities are important in their own right, it has left me without my weekly dose of the Doctor, as well as falling behind on the current season. Today, though, there is only one thing on the schedule, which means I should be able to get some much-needed housework done and can carve out some time to get caught up on the current season.

For those of you who are not familiar with Doctor Who and have no idea what I’m talking about, I thought I’d share this very cute video by Nuclear Family that gives the basics of Doctor Who, for the lay person. While there are many (important) things left out of the video, including the current Doctor, if you are a non-Whovian it will give you the basic breakdown to understand what I’m talking about when I go off on a Doctor Who tangent. It may even peak your interest in the show, which if you’re interested in watching, it is available on Amazon prime.

Thanks for reading and remember: Bow ties are cool!


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