WIP Wednesday – Happily Ever After SAL

Let’s just pretend like it hasn’t been two months since I posted a WIP Wednesday post, or any post for that matter. Let’s just move on and proceed as if no hiatus occurred, okay? Good. Moving on…

 When last we spoke I was working on the month of March in my Year of Celebrations project, and I’m happy to say that I did finish it! Here it is:

I am hoping to get April, May and June all done before the Fourth of July, but unfortunately I have to pick up a few skeins of floss. You would think with all the floss I have in my bins I would have enough colors to complete all 12 patterns, but that is not the case.

After finishing the March design, I spent some time working on my Geisha Girl pattern. It’s very hard to see the progress in the picture because I’m working on some background shading which is just a tad darker than the fabric, but here’s what she looks like anyway:

After spending some time working on her, I switched to another project which I cannot share at this time because it is a gift for someone who may read this post. But I will definitely share that beautiful piece, which I’m very happy with, once the recipient has seen it.
As for this week, I have returned to my work on The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Happily Ever After Stitch Along, unfortunately I am a few months behind. Currently I am working on the month of March which was Three Billy Goats Gruff, then of course I need to move on to April and May which are Around the World in 80 Days and Robin Hood, respectively. This pattern is just so beautiful and it is very easy to stitch up, I find that I can move quite quickly through it, so hopefully I may even be able to get caught up to June before the end of June. As for now here is my starting point from a few days ago when I picked it up:

And here’s where I’m at as of Wednesday morning:

So that’s where I’m at stitching wise on this Work in Progress Wednesday I hope everyone is having a great week and I look forward to getting back to regular blog posts.

That’s all for now happy stitching and thanks for reading!

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