All About Nails – Episode 1

This is a new post category for me, with the basic idea of sharing my nail art designs. Since this is the first post in this category, I figure I should give some background on my nail history. For the past year and a half, I have been doing my nails at home. Before that, and since I was about 16 years old, I went every two weeks to get them done professionally. Anybody who knows me really well, knows that I am obsessed with nails and nail art. In fact I never feel put together without a nice set of nails. When my sister was getting married in 2007, my mom wanted to get her nails done for the wedding, so I took her with me one week, and then again and then it became a regular mother daughter event every two weeks right up until I married my husband and moved to NC in 2014.

Last year my husband and I started saving to buy our first home, in doing that we took a look at our expenses, and I made the decision that the expense of the nail salon was not worth compromising our plan for buying our first house. Yet, I still love to have my nails looking nice and I’m a huge fan of nail art designs. So I decided to take a shot at doing my own nails at home. After intensive Youtube research, I tried some silk wrap techniques, then moved onto acrylic and gel techniques, eventually developing my own combination. Within 3-4 months, I had started doing a fairly decent job on my own nails, however, it was so time-consuming that I never got around to the part I really love which is painting and designing nail art.

About 7 months ago, I had an upcoming event, but had no time to do my nails. Not wanting to attend with naked nails, I bought a pack of full coverage glue on nails from Icing, figuring that if they just lasted for the weekend it would be worth the $7.50. Not only did they last the weekend, they lasted a whole week and I got more compliments on them than I ever did with my acrylic/gel at home technique, or even sets from the salon. Seriously, for $7.50 I can have the look of a $28-$38 manicure from the salon? Let me tell you, I have not looked back since.

So I have a nice collection of pre-purchased pre-painted nails that if I’m in a pinch, I can just put on very pretty ready to go nails and they average as low as five dollars and as high as eight dollars per set. If I change my nails every week, I would be spending as little as $20 a month and as much as $32 a month, which is way less than what I was spending when I was going to the salon and it’s even less than I was spending when I was doing the acrylic/gel sets at home.

However, like I said, what I really like is the nail art design, so I’ve started purchasing sets of blank full coverage nails from Amazon that I can paint and design as my own creative outlet. My painting skills are still developing so I am using a lot of YouTube videos and Pinterest pins for inspiration. (Check out my All About Nails board on Pinterest and my Nail Art playlist on YouTube.)

Still, I am having so much fun and I really enjoy putting that new set on every week. Typically, every Sunday evening I take off the current set of nails, manicure my natural nails, spend Monday cooking/cleaning/gardening, then when the “hard stuff” is done, I put on a new set of nails for the week. So, for the first Mani Monday here are my nails for the week:

For this set I wanted to work on developing my skills with the dotting tool, so I took inspiration from Cutepolish’s doticure which you can see in the video below on the left thumb. Their designs are very easy to follow. Make sure you subscribe if you like it.

Thanks for reading and check in next week to see my next set of nails!



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