WIP Wednesday – Mystery SAL – January 11, 2017

This first week and a half of 2017 I focused my crafty attention and free time on setting up my stitching rotation for the year as well as organizing my supplies. This year I will be doing a week by week rotation, so that means every week I’ll be switching projects, hopefully that also means every week I’ll have a different WIP to share.My plan is to write a Sunday Stitches & Stuff post this weekend to share my starting rotation for the year. This Wednesday I can share my first rotation piece progress, although it’s not much. Finally I was able to get started on my first stitch along (SAL) of the year. One of my Facebook groups is hosting a 2017 Mystery SAL, where we are sharing pictures of our work in progress as we go but not showing the finished design until we’re finished. So here is my fabric gridded and ready for the Q-snap. (This is my first time grinding a piece, so we will see how it goes.)
Unfortunately, since I share my blog posts on Facebook, I must keep the project a mystery. I will say that this is a Dimensions kit that I got for a bargain when my local fabric store was going out of business. It was marked at $50, but after coupons, clearance and going out of discounts, I ended up getting it for $7! It was also a kit that I had been looking for a while, after seeing someone else’s finished piece in another Facebook group. So here is my starting point this week with the few stitches that I got in last night long after bedtime.
Thanks for reading and happy stitching.

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