Sunday Stitches & Stuff – Stitchathon, needle minders, Christmas parade, & digital prints

Wow, what a weekend! Very busy and activity filled. Friday started off with my personal Stitch-a-thon retreat, which carried over a bit into Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday hubby and I attended the Wake Forest Christmas parade, which was fabulous. I also found time on Saturday to work on a few digital prints and iPhone photography.  Sunday ended up being a ho ho ho shopping day, with some time found for working on my floss organization and finding a pretty neat sculpture as a photography subject.


Stitching Status:

Well, my stitch-a-thon was a success, in that I spent most of the day in my stitching corner. However, the animal house residents hindered some of my progress. For at least 2 1/2 hours, one dog or another had an issue of some kind, needed to go out, or wanted to sit in my lap.  During the rare moments when Max & the Hazards weren’t running a muck, I binged watched MrsMilkBarKid’s Floss Tube channel while trying to finish up my WIPs. The day started with two small WIPs in the pile and two medium WIPs.


The first small WIP was my Anne Brinkley Designs, Blue Flower Chain Pendant Kit. This one I started working on first, because it is a Christmas present for a friend of mine. There was little stitching to finish up, but the majority of the work was fully finishing the piece into the pendant.  I definitely wanted to take my time as this was my first time stitching a piece for jewelry. The final result is not my personal style, but I can see myself making more in the future that suit my tastes.

Here was my starting point Friday morning:


Here is the finished piece:


Next I started working on my Bucilla Birdhouse mini kit. This is one of my “purse project” kits. I like to keep small projects in my purse that I can work on whenever I have unexpected free time. This one I grabbed before heading up to PA for my aunt’s funeral. I just knew I would need a distraction that weekend and the large blocks of color in the main section would be nice and repetitive as well as the design is so cheery I hoped it would raise my spirits. Anyway, once the larger section was close to done, I realized there where a lot of confetti stitches. Those are so hard for me to do in transit or waiting in lines, they just require too much starting and stopping. So I decided to try and finish it up this weekend so I can choose a new “purse project”.

Here was my starting point Friday morning:


Here is where I am at now:


With this project I also started using the pin stitch technique for securing my threads at the end of a series of stitches. This is a new technique for me. Last week I came a cross two videos about it, one from  Peacock & Fig and the other from Carolyn Mazzeo. So far I do like the technique, but I’m anxious to try it for securing my thread at the start when I can’t use the loop method.

The other projects in my pile on Friday were my Dimensions Geisha and Pinn Elephant. Neither of which I managed to get to, but I hope to have some mini stitchathons this week and hopefully will have the whole pile done by Christmas! High hopes maybe.

Here is my current progress on Geisha and Elephant:



Other Stuff:

Recently I discovered needle minders. When I say recently, I mean in the past 6 months. Even though I have been stitching since I was 18, it has mostly been a solitary activity. Last year I discovered floss tube and this year I have been consuming it with a fierceness. Anyway, I discovered needle minders there and have started making some for myself. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was in Hobby Lobby and noticed these adorable classic book charms. This week I was inspired to make a collection of needle minders to go along with the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Happily Ever After 2017 SAL.

Here are my classic book needle minders:


This weekend I also took some time to work on my Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE) skills as well as to develop my iPhone photography skills. Last year for my birthday, hubby bought me PSE to use for my digital scrapbooking. It really is fantastic, however, it is also a little intimidating. Mostly I am still using my Project Life app for scrapbooking. Still, I want to learn PSE, not just for scrapbooking, but for photo editing and creating digital prints, too. So, I took some time, watched some YouTube videos and created this digital print:


In addition, I also photographed, edited and created this image today, I titled it “Solitude”:


That’s pretty much my weekend. This evening I am going to work further on my floss organization, as I talked about in my last post, and start reading All The Pretty Hearses by Mary Daheim. Thanks so much for reading my post. Here are some highlights from the Wake Forest Christmas Parade.


Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Stitches & Stuff – Stitchathon, needle minders, Christmas parade, & digital prints

  1. Great work on all this stuff. I love it all! Now you must tell me what is floss tube, it is killing me that I don’t know. I’ve been cross stitching since I was 14 and I am still learning new stuff all the time, this blogging site WordPress has helped a lot with this. Now I would really love to know what is floss tube?


    • Floss tube is a group of cross stitchers, who post video updates, tutorials, stash videos, etc. on YouTube. Just open YouTube and search for ‘floss tube” and the results will be overwhelming! I have just started working through them myself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh I should have known. Now I feel like a dummy. Thank you so much. I love your needle minders by the way I have recently found out about them too and made some for myself with neat fabric. I also can’t wait to see that elephant cross stitch piece finish(sorry forgot the name).


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